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Science or a Black Art!


There is no better feeling than applying a layer of wax to the paintwork of your pride and joy. The smoothness and ease with which it transfers from the applicator pad to the panel can be hypnotic. Whether you enjoy applying it in straight lines or fish scales the only feeling that surpasses this is when you take a clean, folded buffing cloth and start the big reveal. A gentle pressure over the freshly cured wax starts the process and behold you are bathed in the reflected glow of the Holy Grail…… 

Well that’s what it feels like to me when I am seeking a couple of hours tranquillity detailing my car and it is no accident that Revive Luxury Wax feels this way. The process of developing the wax started eighteen months ago when we put together what we thought was our ideal blend of ingredients. Of course, we included the purest grades of Carnauba and Bees wax but it’s those lesser known ingredients such as the combination of natural oils, solvents and silicones together with a unique manufacturing process that can make all the difference. In all honesty we found some of our early creations a little wanting so we set about improving each of the desirable characteristic step by step.

We spent a great deal of time and effort getting the application and removal properties just right but not at the expense of gloss and durability which are the other key attributes of a well formulated wax. Notwithstanding this it is often forgotten that a successful outcome is dependent on the correct preparation of the paintwork which is why Revive’s in-house detailer developed our easy to remember 5 stage cleaning process. Together with his experience and after many formulations, test panels and months later we have created what we think is a very capable car wax and one we are proud to launch with whether it be on the single stage paintwork of a classic or the multistage paintwork of a modern car.  It has been a very enjoyable creative experience for us to have created and developed all the Revive Product range and sincerely hope that when you use Revive Luxury Wax it gives you as much joy and satisfaction as it does us.

The Revive Chemists.

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