REVIVE My Car: Personal Half Day 'Safe Clean' Workshop

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Classic, modern-classic or cherished car enthusiast? Then this is the perfect choice for the REVIVE half-day lesson in taking care of a cherished car without causing damage to paintwork. In this lesson you will be taught by Neil, the REVIVE professional detailer, how to clean your car correctly!

Hosted at the REVIVE professional bay facility, you will be given a hands-on tutorial with Neil demonstrating techniques and explaining the process and products as you then practice each stage of the 'safe clean'. It is fun and you will leave having enjoyed the experience and also learning to care for your car!

In more detail, here is the day's contents:

The equipment required to complete a 'safe wash', which detailing products to use and why.

What problems to look out for.

The '3-bucket' method and why it is important!

Wheels and tyres preparation and decontamination.

Swirl elimination - how to minimise the risk of swirls on paintwork.

Drying methods - 'bin your chamois leather'!

Protection and dressings, glass cleaning and hydrophobic sealants.

Wrap-up: opportunity to see the lab and production facilities, discuss detailing products and accessories and purchase from the REVIVE shop.