REVIVE Detailing Starter Kit - Basic

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Confused with so much choice and not sure what to buy or what you need to get going? We think many will be so we're helping you out with two Starter Kits! This is the Basic kit which is a great starter pack, not least as you save £16+ on the individual items when bought separately! Neil, our pro-detailer strongly recommends the '3-bucket' method of washing and you MUST use grit guards, so here are the 3 you will need.  Buckets ready, fill up with water and our Luxury Shampoo - looks and smells great - add a good quality wash mitt and a wheel brush and get started! The REVIVE Bug & Grime Remover loosens bug-splat and engrained dirt before washing. Dry off with our luxury Drying Towel and then add a glossy, water-repellent finish with our Quick Detailer spray and microfibre cloths and for crystal-clear glass and mirrors use our Glass Cleaner (and blue glass cloth).  Move onto the interior and clean up there with our Interior Detailer spray and microfibre cloths (don't worry, we provide 6!) and use the Glass Cleaner and Glass Cloth again for the interior glass surfaces.

Here's what's in the kit, just to confirm:

  • Bug & Grime Remover 500ml
  • Luxury Shampoo 250ml
  • Wheel Cleaner 500ml
  • Glass Cleaner 250ml
  • Quick Detailer 500ml
  • Interior Detailer 250ml
  • Grit Guard x3
  • Wash Mitt
  • Glass Cloth
  • Luxury Drying Towel 1000gsm
  • Microfibre Cloth x6
  • Wheel Brush
  • Total £115.67 Discounted by £16.67 to £99