Merino Wool Wash Square

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The Revive super soft wash square is made from genuine deep pile Merino Wool. Its versatile double sided design and soft natural pile gently help lift contaminates from surfaces aiding a swirl-free wash process.

Made from 100% pure lambskin and tough lambskin core construction with interior stitching to help ensure a swirl free finish.

Features + Benefits:

  • Versatile double sided design
  • Super soft 100% pure lambskin
  • Versatile 20mm wool pile
  • Scratchless and clear coat safe
  • Scratch-free internal stitching
  • Tough lambskin core construction
  • Made in Great Britain
Technical Specification:
Colour: Natural wool
Size: 20 x 24cm
Weight: 80 Grams
Material: 100% pure lambskin
Rinse in warm water and air dry after each use
Use with PH neutral based shampoo only