We have been insanely busy here at Revive HQ! We have wanted for a long time to streamline your experience when shopping with us and make things as simple as possible!

The most important and exciting thing we have done so far is launch our brand new app. This has been in development for a while and it is now available through Google Play and the Appstore. We have always strived for the idea of a REVIVE community and we feel that we can achieve this through the app.

The apps forefront design and most important feature for us is the sharing platform so we can see what you are doing to your beloved motors. The main area is devoted to sharing your content so you can help others while seeking advice on detailing every part of your car. 

The app also allows us to keep you up to date with everything we have going on. What shows we are going to and where we will be so you guys can come and see us. 

All of our products can be bought through the app and special deals and promotions may even pop up from time to time, making this the perfect place to buy all of your Revive gear. You can also find all of the 'How to' guides if you need a little bit more guidance with any of our products!

Now to match the quality of the new Aap we have completely overhauled the website. There is a new design, layout and functionality to nowrevive.com which hope modernises the look and feel of Revive. To make things easier we have compartmentalised the website into different stages and tried to make everything as easy to find as possible. However, we aren't perfect so if you find something you think we should change then let us know!